Invest in Tentsile

July 23, 2019 8 min read

Invest in Tentsile

To date, Tentsile has been lucky enough to have grown organically with no outside investment. We now want to step up the pace of growth by implementing our strategic and comprehensive marketing plan. To do this we are looking to raise £800,000.

Your investment will enable us to build out campaigns focussed on the mainstream camping market and fuel our ability to educate a wider audience about the need to save the Earth’s forests, as well as the practical and emotional benefits of camping suspended in the trees.

Tree Tents are such a new and exciting concept that it's sometimes difficult to imagine how magical and comfortable it feels to use one until you've had the chance to test one yourself! In our experience, once campers get to see, feel and experience a Tree Tent or Giant Hammock, they’re sold!

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Mainstream Plans

We plan to take Tentsile on the road, setting up at local events, community gatherings, attending festivals and setting up pop-up shops and installations. This type of live-action exposure gives people the chance to climb into a Tentsile and feel the magic for themselves. The internet is great, but sometimes you just need to experience something to understand how great it is and understand how much it could change the way you and your friends can hang out together in the natural environment.

In addition to all this, we want to continue establishing Tentsile Experience Camps (TEC’s) around the world. These are dedicated Tentsile campgrounds where our Tree Tents are set-up, ready for you to camp in some the world’s most amazing places. We already have 12 TEC’s that are open and taking bookings, in countries as far-ranging as Costa Rica, Finland, Canada and Fiji!

Online Growth

Our customers are fiercely loyal and already span the world over but with your help, our new marketing initiatives will help us reach a truly global audience and make the Tentsile brand a household name, and one synonymous with doing good for the environmental health of our world.

To do this (alongside the marketing campaign outlined above), we intend to invest in our logistics and operational infrastructure, increasing our efficiencies to further reduce our carbon impact and further improve our website to create a more user-friendly shopping experience for our audience.

We have worked hard to build a strong brand, we have a great platform and an injection of investment will help us springboard into 2020 and beyond!

We are passionate about helping save the world’s trees and are fully committed to the cause. For every Tree Tent and Giant Hammock we sell, we plant 20 trees through our network of NGO partners.

So far we have panted over 560,000 trees and are well on our way of reaching our goal of planting 1 million tree goal by 2021. We welcome any help we can get in our efforts and convert all those who are willing to take the chance to join us on our journey. After all - If we're all hanging out in trees - they can't be cut down.

We want to offer our customers and everyone who loves our business the opportunity to share in our future success. Whether you would like to invest £10 or £100,000 you can now register your interest in becoming an investor.

Become an Investor

Why you should invest

We’re growing quickly with an established presence in the UK, US and across Europe. Since 2016 we have grown our net sales at a 17% CAGR and sold over 55,500 Tree Tents and Hammocks globally.

We're fully committed to supporting reforestation across the globe and that's why, for every tree tent or hammock we sell, we make donations to plant 20 trees. So far this commitment has led to us planting over 560,000 trees.

Join our mission to make a difference and save the world’s trees.

Investor Rewards

Receive exclusive investor rewards including lifetime discounts and the opportunity to join us on an exclusive family camping adventure in Finland.

  • £10+: Receive exclusive early access to new product rages
  • £150+: Receive 10% off your next purchase (which can be used in conjunction with other offers).
  • £500+: Receive 10% off your next purchase (which can be used in conjunction with any other offers) plus, you’ll receive a free T-Mini Hammock.
  • £1,000+: Receive 10% off your next purchase (which can be used in conjunction with other offers) plus, we’ll send you a free T-Mini Hammock
  • £5,000+: Receive 10% off our entire range for the lifetime of your shareholding plus a free UNA Tree Tent
  • £10,000+: Receive 20% off our entire range for the lifetime of your shareholding plus a Stingray Tree Tent
  • £25,000+: Receive 30% off our entire range for the lifetime of your shareholding plus an exclusive Investor special combo deal which includes a Safari Stingray Tree Tent, Trillium hammock, two ladders, and a Double Bubble Insect Mesh
  • £50,000+: Exclusive weekend trip to one of our Tentsile Experience Camps in Europe, 30% off our entire range, plus an exclusive Investor special combo deal which includes a Safari Stingray Tree Tent, Trillium hammock, two ladders, and a Double-Bubble Insect Mesh
  • £100,000+: Exclusive Tentsile family camping adventure in Finland with our CEO, 40% off, plus an exclusive Investor special combo which includes a Safari Stingray Tree Tent, Trillium hammock, two ladders, and a Double Bubble Insect Mesh.


Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from our customers as well as institutional investors via a dedicated online portal. Our crowdfunding campaign is part of a larger funding round and gives our customers and community the opportunity to invest on the same terms as institutional investors and share in our future success.

Our investment campaign is listed on Crowdcube and is currently open to investment. Our campaign page is at:

By investing in us you will own shares in our business.

Yes, every investor will receive shares in Tentsile Limited. The number of shares you receive will be proportionate to the amount that you invest. The final number of shares issued will be dependent upon the final number of investors and amount of money raised.

Yes, as well as shares in our company, investors may also be entitled to a selection of rewards as an additional perk for investing. Please see our campaign for more details.

Our campaign is now in private-live and is available exclusively for customers for the next few weeks.. At which point, the round may open up to the general public.

The campaign will last for up to 30 days, or whenever we reach or target. If we hit our target sooner than 30 days, then we are likely to choose to ‘overfund’, meaning that you can continue to invest.

We plan to use the money to grow our team and respond to customer demand for more products. We’d also like to invest in marketing to reach more customers. Please see the business plan available on our Crowdcube page for more details.

If we are fortunate to raise more than our target then we will be able to use this investment to grow the company even more quickly than we currently plan to. If we raise investment above the target level, this simply means that we will have more shareholders and be ‘giving away’ a larger % of our company, it will not mean that the initial crowdfunding investors are affected in any way.

Crowdcube will issue shares following the successful completion of the campaign, and after your investment has been processed. The completion of the round and the paperwork takes a few weeks to draw up, but typically you can expect to receive your Share Certificate around 4 weeks after the campaign has ended. We’ll contact you with instructions on how to redeem your rewards within 2 weeks of share certificates being issued.

We are a private limited company, and in common with all such companies, at present there is no public forum for buying and selling shares in the company. Shares may be bought and sold by private arrangement, however, you must first offer them to other shareholders before transferring them to a single third party at your own expense.

This is a possibility, and it is a circumstance in which you could sell your shares.

There are a range of rewards available to all investors, starting from investments of £10 and up. The rewards vary according to level of investment, and include exclusive investor products, experiences and more. Please see our Crowdcube campaign page for full details.

We’ll email you with instructions on how to redeem your rewards 4-6 weeks after the end of the campaign once your share certificate has been issued.

Yes we have a business plan available for download on our Crowdcube campaign page with a financial overview included. If, after reading it, you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on the details supplied in the pack, and we will be happy to answer any questions or supply additional information.

This is a long term investment in a fast growing company. We anticipate that the value of your investment will increase over time, giving you capital growth. The main way that can you can make money from your investment is by selling your share for more than you paid for it.

We are a private limited company, and our shares are therefore not publicly traded at present. In the event of a future sale of the company you would be able to sell your shares at that stage to the acquiring company. Alternatively, if the business grows to a point where the company management/further institutional investors offer to buy back, you are also likely to be able to sell your shares.

Disclaimer – Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards.

Become an Investor

Capital At Risk.

This is not an investment commitment at this stage - once you have registered your interest, we’ll be in touch via email when our campaign is open for investment.

Risk Warning & Important Information

Capital At Risk. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital so please invest aware. Tentsile’s pitch is approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital Ltd. authorised and regulated by the FCA (No. 650205)

Important note: Most countries in the world including the UK and the rest of Europe are embracing equity crowdfunding as a progressive way of allowing individuals to invest in the businesses they believe in and thus support innovative companies to grow.

However equity crowdfunding is regulated quite differently in the USA, Canada and Japan so if you are from one of these countries please contact us on