Top Places to Camp in Europe with a Tree Tent this Summer

May 27, 2019 3 min read

Top Places to Camp in Europe with a Tree Tent this Summer

Dust off your hiking boots, pack up your bags and take to the trees! The trail to Summer starts now. Whether you're an experienced outdoor adventurer or a novice naturalist, with up to 25% off our summer essentials it’s the perfect time to head outdoors for a camping trip.

To make planning easier, we’ve picked some of our favourite spots where you can sleep in the trees - check out our list below. Don’t forget to search our Dealer Locator to find your nearest store. Not only will their friendly staff be able to get you kitted out with all the latest Tentsile gear, they also have a wealth of tree tenting knowledge so you’ll be able to camp like a local!

Many campsites in Europe are catching on to Tree Tent and hammock camping, so, if you want those little creature comforts and the reassurance that you’re not trespassing, going to a certified site is the best way to enjoy camping this Summer. The slightly more intrepid among you may want to experience the incredible wild camping spots found all over Europe (especially in Scotland). However, please bear in mind that you should always; be respectful, leave the land as you found it and double check the location allows camping before your trip.

1. Tentsile Experience Camps

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Epic camping trip meets fully immersive eco-retreats! We’ve teamed up with campsites from all over the world to bring the Tentsile Experience closer to you, wherever you are. Head over to our website to check out our latest locations.

These eco-travel packages are designed for the environmentally-conscious and are run by local people, nature lovers and sustainable companies, who want to share their most valuable thing with you - their piece of Earth. One of the sites hugs the coastline of the Finnish Archipelago sea and has one of the lowest levels of noise and light pollution in the whole country

2. Zeltwiese Absberg, Germany

This spacious campground is located on the banks of the beautiful, Brombachsee reservoir and is a firm family favourite due to its; wake park, open-air concerts and the numerous restaurants on site. Only an hour away from Nuremberg, this campsite is easily accessible and has the facilities to keep the kids entertained all Summer long. Don’t believe us? Last year’s Tentsile Summer Camp Out was hosted at this incredible spot and it was a blast! Check out the video for the highlights.


3.Wardley Hill Campsite, Norfolk, UK


The UK may not be known for its hot weather, but that doesn't matter if you have good company and a camping solution that defies even the soggiest summer! All our Tree Tents come with 3000hh rainflies as standard, you can also add additional walls or stack our tents and hammocks above one another for increased protection against the elements.


This eco-camp is nestled into the picturesque Waveney Valley. Wildflowers and grass are left to grow to encourage butterflies and bees so that you’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of the British countryside. An added bonus is that, if you’re ‘too posh to pitch’- their words not ours, they set everything up for you ahead of time. So, all you need to do is turn up and enjoy! Stress-free, Summer holiday camping yes, please!

 4. Loveland Farm, Devon, UK

It’s very clear to see that this campsite is a labour of love that continues to develop season by season. This is a place where sustainability comes first thanks to their eco-toilets, geo-dome pods and of course Tree Tents! 


Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Hartland Peninsula, this campground works with the local community to bring together outdoor sports, lectures and live music. With stunning South West beaches, the Eden Project and the Tarka Trail - one of England’s longest continuous traffic-free walking and cycling paths, you’re spoilt for choice!

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