Flite Tree Tent - Bundle Deal

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The Ultimate 2 Person Tree Tent for your backpack

The Flite is the ultimate small 2 person Tree Tent for those looking for adventure! This compact lightweight tent is designed to minimise backpack space while maximising comfort. Camping in the tree removes the need for a ground mat saving you space and weight.

If you’re looking for a bigger adventure turn your Flite into a stack. We will include a T-mini giant hammock with a Double Bubble insect mesh and 3 extra walls. This doubles your accommodation by giving you an extra usable level to your camping.

What's included:

Flite Tree Tent ( includes tent, straps, ratchets, bungees and 4 pegs )

T-mini Double Hammock ( includes giant hammock, straps, ratchets )

Small Double Bubble ( encloses lower level within an insect mesh “bubble” for full bug protection)

3 x Tentsile Walls ( protects from wind and rain from all sides on the lower levels )

9 x Extra Pegs ( to peg out the walls )