Vista Tree Tent - Bundle Deal

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Family camping fun home and away

The Vista Tree Tent is the ideal spring/summer tent. Its robust construction makes it perfect for those looking for a Tree Tent that can handle the rigours of family camping. Set it up in the garden as a fun, portable treehouse  all weather or throw it in the back of the car and head off on your family adventure.

The Vista Tree Tent offers fantastic flexibility and unparalleled comfort for all the family. Use it without the roof and you have a giant 3-person hammock, add the fly sheet for sun/wind/rain protection and open three-sided views. Add the insect mesh for a full camping experience.

Combine with the Trillium Triple Hammock to create the Vista stack and have 2 levels of comfortable family accommodation for up to 5 people.

What's Included:

Vista Tree Tent (includes tent, straps, ratchets, bungees and 4 pegs)

Trillium Triple Hammock (includes giant hammock, straps, ratchets)

Hatch Cover  (seals the central hatch of the Vista)

Drinks Holder (upright holding space for 3 drinks)

Webbing Ladder (allowing vertical movement between floor layers)

Tree Protector Straps