Connect 2-Person Tree Tent

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  • Product Summary

    The Connect 2-Person Tree Tent is the toughest, most versatile 2 person tent on the market. It allows you and a partner to experience the great outdoors like never before.

    Unbelievably durable, fully portable, and completely insect proof, the Connect offers great headroom and maximum comfort while sleeping. With the flysheet taken off, the Connect gives the best experience of a night under the stars and with the cover on, full protection from the elements in all seasons.

    Fully portable, yet durable, with extensive headroom, the Connect gives you a comfortable night under the stars and protection from the elements.

    With a two-pole pop-up roof, plenty of internal storage pockets, a 2m / 8ft long bed, hanging tablet holder and many more features, this tent will become your home away from home.

    Create a Connect Stack with a two-person T-Mini Hammock & a Small Double Bubble for a multi-storey campsite, or triple the space by hooking up three Connect Tree Tents together to create a Trilogy Super Tent

    Key Features

    • 15-minute setup time
    • Create a Trilogy Super Tent using 3 x Connect Tree Tents
    • 4 roll-back doors
    • Plentiful storage space
    • Removable rainfly in a range of colours
    • Tear-resistant insect mesh
    • Increased separation from insects & ground animals
    • No need for level ground. Avoid soggy camping – no risk of flooding or mud baths