What is a Tentsile?

What are tree tents?

Tentsile Tree Tents are tents which are be suspended off the ground, using 3 trees or structures as anchor points; essentially a hammock with a roof and walls.

Tentsile was conceived as a range of portable tree-houses, combining the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a tent. They can be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent, but also suspended in the air!

Whether you are looking for an all-terrain camping solution, a safari safe house, a mountain or beach retreat, or a portable tree-house that avoids all planning restrictions, with Tentsile, the sky is your limit.

Our tree tents are made to the highest quality, and we believe we are the most robust suspended tents available anywhere in the world. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they'll give you a camping experience like no other.

Tentsile tree tents can provide comfortable accommodation in almost any environment as ground conditions or topography doesn't restrict them.

And being higher up, you'll be able to see from a whole new vantage point, allowing you to appreciate better the gorgeous views that can be seen woodland across the world.

With Tentsile Tree Tents, you get to experience the comfort of a hammock, with the shelter and protection of a tent.

We manufacture each Tensile tent from high-quality materials in our purpose-built factory. Every Tentsile product meets our high standard before it leaves our factory and is covered by a 1-year parts warranty which covers all rips, tears and mechanical failures.

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What makes our tents special?

Tentsile Tree Tents and hammocks offer a level of comfort you just can't experience with a ground tent.

Each tent and hammock is built with our anti-roll strap system so unlike other hammocks, you won't all roll to the middle of the tent.  This makes camping with multiple people, much more practical and comfortable.

Being suspended in the trees also gives you a little more shade from the sun, so you won't wake up sweating.

The 3-point anchor system raises you off the ground, moving you away from insects, ground animals and damp, soggy ground. There's nothing worse than waking up to a waterlogged tent!

Each tent comes with a waterproof rainfly (30+ UVP) which keeps you dry in the harshest rain.

The combination of the rainfly and suspended tent creates a waterproof canopy underneath the tent where you can store more gear.

When combined with a hammock or using multiple tree tents you can create a Tentsile stack; a unique multi-storey camping experience unlike no other! This makes camping as a group so much more enjoyable.

Lastly, each tent comes with specially designed low-impact pegs to help our efforts to leave no trace.