Flite+ Tree Tent

  • Flite Tree Tent

    Whether it’s backpacking, bike packing, motorcycling, or paddling, the lightweight, compact, 2 person Flite+ Tree Tent is the on-the-go adventurers’ answer for comfortable, elevated tent camping.


    The unique, cross-brace pole configuration offers extra headroom while a single, smaller ratchet and 1” webbing save significantly on weight. With an easily adjusted center strap, the sturdy 2 person hammock floor can be quickly converted into a larger single hammock floor. A 100% waterproof, UV resistant rainfly clip directly to the corners, and its distinct lateral wing cut keeps gear and ground dry below. Everything you need for this off the ground tent packs neatly into a stylish, compact stuff sack including: the tree tent, the poles, the rainfly, one ratchet, one weblock, and three 19’ lines of flat webbing. Select your model preference from the drop down menu -----

    Due to its minimal size, the Flite+ Tree Tent is suitable for two persons below 184cm and 220kg but if using it solo, it is large enough for even the biggest of you! Two larger people should look at our 2 Person Connect Tree Tent if you would prefer a more spacious model