Oru Kayak & Stringray Tree Tent Bundle

  • Both born in 2012 from the minds of brilliant architects, Tentsile and Oru Kayak have more in common than you may guess. Both products – the hanging tent and folding kayak – were spawned from childhood experiences and years of prototyping. Today each company remains driven by the same passion and belief: to learn by doing.

    To celebrate we are launching a collaborative partnership, offering you 25% OFF our two flagship products, the Bay Kayak and Stingray tent.

    The Oru Kayak is stable enough for beginners while the length and contouring make it fast and sporty for expert kayakers. There's plenty of room to stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat is quick and easy, taking less than five minutes.

    The Stingray is a three-person tree tent, offering a unique communal experience, elevated above the ground. Comprised by a triple hammock interior covered in a rip-resistant insect-mesh, it is accessed via a floor hatch or large front door. It features a removable fly sheet and absolutely unbeatable views.