T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock

  • Product Summary

    The T-Mini is a top-of-the-range, lightweight, double-hammock that offers everything you need while weighing just 2.4kg.

    This double-hammock was designed to fit 2 adults in complete comfort.

    The compact nature of this tent makes this model the ideal solution for cyclists, backpackers, or anyone seeking a complete lightweight kit that packs into one small bag. If you don’t have an adventure planned just yet, it’s perfect for lounging in the garden or the park on a sunny day.

    With this sleek hangout, you can hike even further or, of course, just relax in your garden on a sunny day.

    Using ratchets, straps and 3 anchor points, you can suspend this hammock above the ground, while ensuring that, unlike other hammocks, the T-Mini doesn't sag and remains taut.

    Additionally, the T-Mini is reinforced with seatbelt webbing creating 2 separate sleeping spaces and preventing you from simply rolling into the middle of the hammock.

    The T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock can be set up underneath a Connect 2-Person Tree Tent or Flite 2-Person Tree Tent to create a Tentsile Stack (a multi-story basecamp which increases sleeping capacity and gear storage space).

    Key Features

    • Separate sleeping areas prevent rolling into the middle of the hammock
    • No sagging, hammock remains taught
    • 10-minute setup time
    • Easy Packing: folds into its own compression stuff sack
    • No need for level ground. Avoid soggy camping – no risk of flooding or mud baths
    • Increased separation from insects & ground animals
    • Can be used as the foundation of a Tentsile Stack

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